In Prophyles, a user’s profile could be as simple or as comprehensive as the user desires. A profile is organized by Topics which are categorized in separate tabs. The information could be created by the owner of the profile and/or automatically aggregated by Prophyles from different sources which could be websites like LinkedIn, directories like White Pages, data brokers like Melissa Data, or public records from government agencies like libraries or courts.

Prophyles offers several utilities which assist users in building their profile by automatically aggregating, verifying, cleansing, correcting, and completing the information collected on their behalf. For example, Prophyles can automatically verify an email address, correct an area code of a phone number, complete an address with the correct zip code, etc. Extensive algorithms and directories from USPS and others are used to secure data integrity and privacy protection.

Lifelong Work-in-Progress

A personal profile should be a lifelong work-in-progress starting from the teenage years to retirement. The topics in people’s profile expands from one phase of their lives to another. For example, teenagers would start by creating their artistic virtual cards, pictures, videos, diary, journal, etc. As they attend college, then their focus will turn to their studies and their degree. As they enter the workforce, then they can build their career section that includes topics such as skills, industries, publications, associations, portfolio, etc. As they retire, then they can switch their focus to their interests, their hobbies, and their favorite activities.


Prophyles’ users are rewarded for certain activities, one of which is completing their profile – the more their profile is completed the more they are rewarded for their effort.

Prophyles’ reward system is based on the company’s crypto tokens which can be redeemed against the monthly subscription fee, if any, or a free upgrade to a higher edition such as from the free Bronze edition to the paid Silver edition.

Safe Distribution

Engraved in the Great Seal of The United Sates is a famous Latin adage “E Pluribus Unum” which means “out of many, one”. Contacts-as-a-Service (CaaS) reverses this adage to “out of one, many” or “create once, and use many times”. Prophyles encourages users to take the time and make the effort to initially create a comprehensive profile, once. Once created, your profile can be simply maintained, expanded, promoted, and distributed safely under your total control. For instance, if you change jobs, then this change could be automatically reflected in all the resumes that you may have posted in all the job boards, or if you change your address, the DMV’s and your bank records would be immediately modified – no more living in silos. That’s what the web was supposed to be in the first place – a peer-to-peer network.


One of the unique and compelling feature in Prophyles is the ability to archive Contact Information in order to preserve the circumstances of the original connection between two people.

For example, let’s say that John, who was the Marketing Manager at Apple at that time, met Lisa at a conference in Los Angeles in 2017. Aside this initial meeting, they never had any further communications or activities with each other. Therefore, they are considered to be “weak ties”.

Out of the blue, Lisa receives a message from John. She quickly checks the Summary section of his profile in Prophyles where it says that John is the Vice President of Products at Google. Even though she could recognize his face from his picture in his profile, she could not figure out how when and how they met.

She goes to the Cards section of his profile and clicks on the Archive tab, only to discover his old business card at Apple. She starts remembering him, but not entirely. She then goes to the Relationships section and discovers that they met at a conference in Los Angeles back in 2017. After glancing over her notes about that meeting, she completely remembered where, how, and why they met, and what they briefly discussed.

Hence, the Archiving function in Prophyles goes beyond a simple retention of a history list of coordinates. It actually retains the relationships between coordinates, places, employers, etc. For instance, a phone number is archived along with an associated then-current address and then-current employer for reference. In other words, the Archive function takes a “snapshot” of someone’s Virtual Card and not just a history list of some coordinates. As changes occur in a profile , the old information is not deleted, modified, or added to a history list, but rather saved “as-is” in connection or association with other key information in order to preserve the original coordinates.