Universal Login

Tracking, Tracing, and Exploiting

After the financial-agriculture revolution from 1600 to 1740 and the industrial revolution from 1780 to 1840, followed by the technical revolution or the second industrial revolution from 1870 to 1920, the surveillance revolution came upon us in the last decade unwillingly and unexpectedly.

Documentary on Surveillance Capitalism

Conventional Login

Login credentials (user name and password) are an annoyance, albeit necessary for protecting your security, privacy, and valuables.

Other than fingerprint, face, or voice recognition, there are currently three conventional ways to log in to a website or an app:

  • A login created at the website or app without cookies

    You log in by typing your user name and password that you have created at that website or app. While this option is the most secured compared to the others, it is the most inconvenient and the most error prone due to typing or forgetting/losing the login credentials.

  • A login created at the website or app using cookies

    You choose to have your browser remember the login credentials through cookies. While this option is the most convenient, it is actually the most dangerous because anyone could log in if given access to your computer. In essence, this option is really useless – you might as well not have any login at all.

  • Social Login

    You log in using one of your social media login credentials such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. This option is dangerous because it jeopardizes your security and privacy. The terms of service of those Social Logins offer social media companies the implicit and explicit authorization to track and trace you under a shady pretext to offer a better user experience.

Universal Login

Prophyles’ Universal Login is the safest and the most convenient way to log in due to the following reasons:

  • Login credentials are encrypted and stored in our secured database.
  • Login credentials are never stored in any browser’s cookies.
  • No “residual data” is collected.
  • Users are not tracked or traced in any way for any reason.


  • Get peace of mind

  • Protect your privacy

  • Safeguard your security

  • Increase your satisfaction

  • Increase your productivity

Universal Login